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Background facts:

Patrick is a builder who is registered for GST. He recently built two new residential houses on a residential block of land. Patrick used a number of contractors to help him with the building works and they charged him GST on their invoices. The properties were completed eleven months after he purchased the land.

Shortly after the building works were completed, Patrick sold one property to Sonia and kept the other as a residential rental property of his own. Sonia is planning on living in the property and will be Patrick’s neighbor.  


Prepare a professional letter of advice advising Patrick of the GST aspects during the building process, upon disposal to Sonia, and once he moved into the second property.



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TIPS for Assignments:

This assignment should be written as a professional letter, therefore it should:

  • be dated,
  • have full address details,
  • be marked as private and confidential,
  • have a disclaimer,
  • be signed off by a partner with contact details, and
  • have an executive summary at the start.

This form of question requires students to present arguments on the application of the law to a given practical problem. In addressing a question which requires the application of the law, it is suggested that you adopt the following approach:

I:          ISSUES – Identify the essential issues in the question

R:        RULE – Identify the relevant law, i.e. relevant legislative provisions and cases A: APPLY – Apply the law to the problem

C:         CONCLUSION – form a reasoned conclusion on the application of the law


  • 要有日期。
  • 有完整的地址信息。
  • 标记为私人和机密。
  • 有一个免责声明。
  • 由合伙人签字,并提供详细的联系方式,以及
  • 在开始时有一个执行摘要。

I: 问题 – 确定问题中的基本问题
R:规则–确定相关的法律,即相关的立法规定和案例 A:应用–将法律应用到问题上


To highlight that you are aware of the key issues in a question, you should raise these at the beginning of the answer. Stating the relevant issues clearly and simply at the outset will indicate to the marker that you have a good understanding of the matters at hand. It is important to approach a problem with an open mind and not simply jump into what may appear to be the main issue while ignoring other relevant issues.


Relevant law

Once the essential issues have been identified, it is then necessary to identify the legislation and cases that are relevant to solving the problem. Always remember to cite any legislative provisions and cases that support your arguments. However, be sure to provide a balanced view, and do not forget to also mention any materials that do not support your arguments (with appropriate explanations).

You will need to express, in clear and concise terms, the effect of various provisions and principles arising from the legislation and cases studied. In general, it will not be necessary


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