CS代写:Cyber Security FIT2093 网络安全代写案例



1. 关键基础设施网络安全

关键基础设施组织通常比其他组织更容易受到攻击,因为 SCADA(监督控制和数据采集)系统通常依赖于较旧的软件。

英国能源、交通、健康、水和数字基础设施部门的基本服务运营商以及数字服务提供商受NIS 条例(2018 年网络和信息系统条例)的约束。



3. 云安全


4. IoT(物联网)安全


5. 应用安全





Cyber Security FIT2093 代写案例

1. How many different password combinations are possible when a 5-digit password is created based

on numbers 0 to 9 and letters a to z (lower case alphabets only)?

a. 365

b. 536

c. 55

d. 3636

2. A _________ approach involves trying every possible key until an intelligible translation of the

ciphertext into plaintext is obtained.

a. brute-force

b. AES

c. block cipher

d. computational

3. An indirect leakage of information to an attacker by deduction from given information is

called  ________.

a. masquerade  

b. interception  

c. repudiation  

d. Inference

4. An attack that involve writing or modification is called  ________.

a. passive  

b. active  

c. repudiation  

d. disclosure

5. Ensuring that users have access rights that are sufficient for their needs but not more than

needed is an application of the principle of ________.

a. Least privilege    

b. Input validation

c. Never trusting user input

d. Open design

6. An advantage of biometric authentication compared to passwords is  ___________.

a. it avoids the need to memorise a secret

b. it has a lower false positive rate

c. it has a lower false rejection rate

d. none of the above

7. Which of the following is false about textbook RSA public key encryption?

a. Decrypting with a private key will undo encryption with the public key

b. Encrypting with a public  key will undo decryption with the private key

c. Encrypting with a public key will undo encryption with the private key

d. Encryption with the private key will undo encryption with the private key

8. An advantage of encrypt-then-MAC compared to encryption only could be _______.

a. that encrypt-then-MAC should be faster than encryption only

b. none because encrypt should be enough to protect both confidentiality and integrity

c. that encrypt-then-MAC guarantees both integrity and confidentiality

d. that encrypt-then-MAC is slower to compute than encryption only

9. For long messages, CBC-MAC (CMAC) produces authentication tags that are much shorter than the length of ciphertexts produced by CBC mode of operation for encryption because ___________.

a. CMAC only outputs the last block in the cipher block chain   

b. CMAC outputs all the blocks in the cipher block chain

c. CMAC outputs the first block in the cipher block chain

d. CMAC outputs the first 10 blocks in the cipher block chain

10. In the TLS protocol, the perfect forward secrecy property ensures that if an attacker steals a web server’s long term private key in time T, then  ______.

a. the attacker cannot decrypt all ciphertexts sent to the server at past times T’ prior to T (even

if the attacker eavesdropped and recorded those ciphertexts)

b. the attacker cannot decrypt all ciphertexts sent to the server at future times T’ subsequent to T

c. the attacker cannot decrypt any ciphertexts at any time

d. None of the above

11. In the TLS protocol, the purpose of the handshake sub-protocol is to  

a. Establish a shared symmetric key

b. Establish a shared public key

c. Perform symmetric key encryption

d. None of the above’

12. Malicious javascript downloaded to a client’s browser from an attacker’s website is usually

prevented from accessing any client’s browser page not on the attacker’s domain because

of  _____.

a. the browser’s Same Origin Policy

b. the attacker’s good intentions

c. the TLS session encryption

d. None of the above

13. In a reflected XSS attack, the attacker manages to inject malicious javascript into the client’s session with a vulnerable server because _____.

a. the server fails to filter out from its response javascript sent in browser’s request  

b. the server fails to use encryption in its TLS session with the browser

c. the server has an SQL injection vulnerability

d. the server fails use a random salt in its password authentication

14. Which of the following is false?  

Potential security risks for cloud-hosted databases  _________.

a. include exposure of database contents in case of cloud server exposure

b. could be reduced by client-side encryption of the database prior to uploading to the cloud server

c. include unauthorised database access by a rogue cloud server provider employee

d. can be eliminated by using a TLS encrypted session to upload the database to the server

15. An important security property of blockchain systems is that ______.

a. it is infeasible for a dishonest insider to delete past data stored in blockchain 

b. it is infeasible for a dishonest insider to insert new data into the blockchain

c. it is infeasible for dishonest insider to read past data stored in blockchain

d. none of the above


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