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Engineering代写:Engineering and society ENGEN170,高分案例

Q1:Please link the following components to form a causal loop diagram that represents the potential impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the future of work. Identify, clearly label and name any reinforcing and balancing loops you identify in the diagram.

1.Components: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Unemployment, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Tax revenue, Education spend ($), Crime, High Value Jobs, Repetitive Jobs, Retirement.  

2.Complete the influence matrix on your answer sheet using the above components and to identify the strength of relationships.

3.Describe three potential interventions or solutions to improve livability within New Zealand regions and societies that could reduce the impact of automation and what is commonly known as the 4th industrial revolution. Provide sketches to explain your concepts including a rationale explaining why the interventions are sustainable, (approximately 2-3 sentences for each intervention).

Q2:The Smith family run an apple orchard close to Nelson. They are faced with the following challenges:

•   Changes in weather patterns resulting from global warming.

•   Challenges in obtaining seasonal labour to monitor and harvest the apples.

•   Increasing regulations from the regional council around water and fertilizer utilization.

• The spread of disease.

To counter these challenges, the family have decided to engage your company to review existing and emerging digital technology to address these problems.

For each of the functions below, identify a solution that could automate or augment workers using one or a combination of technologies. Provide sketches to explain your concepts along with a description of approximately 2-3 sentences for each solution, plus a rationale to why you selected each technology combination.

i)  Frost detection,

ii) Detection of disease on the trees.

iii)Harvesting of the apples.

iv) Predicting fruit growth rates.

v)  A distributed de-centralised traceability solution that can be used from the orchard through the supply chain to the super market.


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